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    Unhappy Partition Input Needed

    this is sort of a juggling act.

    currently i have a 160gb HDD. drive C: is 20gb and is used for windows. drive D: is 130gb and is used for my media storage/programs/photos. both drives are NTFS. (i have no clue where the other 10gb of my 160gb HDD went. LOL-probally system restore?)

    i want to install Linux on this pc (i installed Fedora Core 4 on my laptop earlier) and i need input on how to juggle the information.

    currently im using 70gb of my D: drive-i deleted 30gb of dvd rips yestorday. i want to partition D: so that i have 20gb for Linux and the left over 110gb for media still. I want to read/write on the 110gb drive on linux.

    I was planning to delete some more videos and make it 60gb. then use magic partition to split the 130gb drive down the middle into two 65gb drives. and make the new drive a FAT. and then move all 60gb of data from the 65gb NTFS drive to the 65gb FAT. after that, i would reformat the 65gb NTFS drive into a FAT one: leaving me with two 65gb FAT drives.

    that is when i would merge both drives. making it back to 130gb, but now FAT, not NTFS. Then i would split the 130gb FAT drive to make a 3rd 20gb drive for linux.

    I would-hopefully-end up with C: as untouch, D: as 110gb and as FAT, and the 20gb Linux drive. I would then-hopefully-be able to read/write the D: on linux and yet not lose any data.

    Hey, did that seem like a lot to you? cuz it does to me. is there an easier way of getting to that end result?
    I really really do not want to back up all 70gb by the way. it would be just Too much work. so i would need a-mostly-sure way of doing this.

    also, Windows would recognise the 110gb FAT D: drive at the end the same as it did in the begging, right? because i have Photoshop and the majority of my programs installed on that drive, and i would not want to reinstall.

    I also need advice on which Linux i should install. I already installed Fedora on the laptop, but i usually dont use the laptop. I am planning to use Linux on this desktop for media (music/video/photos) and i read a sour review that said Fedora Core 4 was bad on media. I have not been able to test Fedora's Media side, because it wont recognise my sound card on the laptop -_-

    my geeky friend who goes to Michigan Tech suggests Ubuntu. because its more userfriendly.

    so, does the attack plan for my HDD sounds good and workable? or is there a better way? and is it Fedora or Ubuntu?

    (thanks for reading all this btw, it was alot)

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    I assume you are using XP right? From what I hear, other people have trouble with XP reading FAT partitions over 32GB in size. Since Linux can't really write to NTFS partitions, I suggest you create a small 30GB FAT partition for sharing across both windows and Linux as well as another 20 - 40 odd GB for the root partition, leave the root partition unformatted.

    So in conclusion, split the 130GB partition into 3, 1 30GB FAt for sharing, 1 20 GB root partition for linux and remaining 80GB NTFS for your present stuff. Note, please defragment the windows drive a few times before attempting to resize.

    As for Fedora and media, as long as you can install various media players and things you should be ok. Note I haven't used Fedora so I can't say for sure how it's media capabilities are. As for Ubuntu, I tried the livecd but didn't care for it much. Other than that, only other disro which I think might suit your needs as bit more media friendly and easy to use is SUSE, see for more info.

    Hope this helps.
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    ^ thanks

    I thought about ur idea this night (i didn't go to sleep last night, i just coun't) and i think im going to make a 32gb FAT partition just for my MP3s


    why didn't i see this earlier? Dang.. LOL
    Thanks a lot!


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