Hello -

I am new to RedHat Linux and I am running Red Hat Linux Enterprise 4 on z/OS. The system was pre-installed for me, with the KDE desktop enabled. I am now in the process of adding additional packages, such as GNOME and I am having problems with the Add/Remove Applications program. I cannot get the program to find my ISO images for cd1, cd2, cd3 and cd4 that are located on my system. here is the configuration as stated in the df -h display from the terminal screen. This is for the cd1 image


mounted as /mnt/linux/pub/RedHat/4.0/zseries/update1/cd1

My question is how do I get the Add/Remove Application to recognize these mounted images? It keeps asking for the disk to be mounted, and I am doing this remotely, so I do not have physical disks to place into a cdrom drive. That is why I have the ISO images to use. What must I do to get it to recognize the ISO images?

Any assistance that can be provided would be greatly appreciated. This is very frustrating.

Thank you for your time and assistance.