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    Unhappy Is my computer compatible with Linux?

    OK. If my post title sounds dumb, I apologise. But really, I'm cracking up here. I have in my possession, an Rev. B iMac G3, with a 266 MHz G3 Processor, 160Mb of PC100 RAM (32Mb in the lower slot, 128Mb in the upper, if you're familiar with the iMac), a 24x CDROM drive, and a 6.4Gb Seagate Hard Drive. It has run various versions of MacOS over the years (oddly enough it wont run OSX). The problem is, there is NO version of linux under the sun that will install on it. Every distro I've tried either will not run the GUI (ie, im stuck at the command prompt) or just give some cryptic error during installation. There is no pattern here, the errors I get are entirely random, but the problem seems to centre around the machine's inability to install and run a Linux GUI, I've tried both KDE and Gnome, neither of which work....
    I've burned numerous cd's, using different brands, programs, speeds (like 1x for example) etc. and i've even bought official cds of several distros which I KNOW are good, becaue I have 2 other macs which they install fine on.
    Ultimately, I would like to have either Ubuntu or Mandrake installed on it, because they are my favourite distros, and the OSes that I spend most of my time using.
    I've tried everything I can think of; I've changed the the RAM, HD, the cd drive and the processor card.
    What am I doing wrong??

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    Is my computer compatible with Linux?

    Quote Originally Posted by Martin A
    The problem is, there is NO version of linux under the sun that will install on it.
    Don't know, but it sounds like the answer is probably no if no version of Linux under the sun will install on it.

    If you were to be lucky enough to get a successful install, it appears that you'd be in for plenty of other issues to work out. Looks like you've gotta keep on trying in the hope of finding a distro that will work, or simply give it up and spend your time on something with a better chance of success.

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    what distros have you tried?

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    Apart from being a Mac, your specs sound very similar to mine, which is running fine (same proc speed, a little less ram, same size hdd...) One of the main problems seems to be the window manager: you say on some occasion(s) you've installed and got to a command prompt (I assume you did try "startx" at that stage), and that
    Quote Originally Posted by Martin A
    I've tried both KDE and Gnome, neither of which work....
    On that basis I'd try using a lighter window manager - I use blackbox to squeeze all the performance I can out of my old boxes.

    Hope that helps
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    From Knoppix forum:

    Posted: Tue Aug 03, 2004 5:47 pm

    "Knoppix MIB PPC beta worked wonderfully on my iMAC G3 with slot loading CD"

    > Desktop/Windows Manager

    Try Knoppix cheat code during boot up:


    Use specified WM instead of KDE


    knoppix desktop=twm

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