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    Mandrake Linux 9.2 ismod failed during installation

    Well everyone I finally compiled that thing after what 4 days ? And I am happy to report tonight I will finally go to sleep after posting this topic asking for some help. I downloaded all 3 cd's of mandrake linux 9.2, then I put cd 1 into my hard-drive, start the computer, hit f12, then I select to boot off my cdrom. Then I hit f1 and put in the boot box :
    linux expert hde=noprobe hdf=noprobe hdg=noprobe hdh=noprobe
    Then when it asks me if I have any 3rd party modules I would like to use I say yes, and I select the hpt37x2.o which tooks me 4 days to compile. After saying yes my floppy is accessed for a few seconds then I get :
    insmod failed
    And it asks me if I would like to pass anything on to it, how am I supposed to know what to pass on to it ? Just for kicks I decided to go into the modules folder of my other mandrake linux 9.2 box which I compiled off of and get a few of these modules, I used both the ataraid.o.gz and ataraid.o as well as the hptraid.o.gz and you guessed it the hptraid.o and guess what ? With all of these I got a ismod failed and it asks me if i want to pass anything on. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I can feel I am close to using linux on my server box =)
    And if you feel you can help me I can upload the hpt37x2.o which I compiled all by myself =) Anyway I think I should pass something on to the module and that is why it is not working, my question is what ?
    Also on a side note :
    Whenever I try to boot up mandrake linux 9.1 I get the cd and I will press enter or f1 and then my monitor goes blank, and the caps lock and scroll lock led's on my keyboard keep blinking until I shutdown, this happens as well when I use a bootable floppy
    Another side note :
    When I boot up knoppix on this same computer and at the boot screen after press enter or trying to start up with some complex stuff the same thing happens and the screen goes blank, I don't know what's wrong. *note* using a different computer and the same monitor knoppix and mandrake 9.1 both work
    My first priority is the first issue, but any help on either one would be awesome, desi_style is now signing off and getting some sleep.

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    jsut a guess but have u tried passing acpi=off as a kernel paramater. i had issues with this under 1 of my mdk kernels.

    The blinking keyboard thign is not a monitor fault, it is caused by kernel panic, which is why i suggested the acpi=off line.

    apart from that i dont really have any idea, mayeb u could post up ur hardware so we coudl see if theres anything with known conflicts.

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    I have a dell desktop, a dimension 8100. It has a northwood p4, 2.8 ghz with 800 mhz fsb, 1 gb of 800 mhz rdram, spread out over 4 modules of 256. My motherboard I could never really figure out what it was. I have a lite-on dvd rom, and a dvd-r+ burner. I have a floppy drive, and as for my hard drive setup I have attached on the main controller a special edition 120gb wd hard drive with 8mb cache. Then I have a highpoint rocketraid 133 hpt372A controller, which has attached to it on each primary chanel a 160gb maxtor drive with 8mb cache. I also have a netgear 10/100 mbps network card, a generic pci gard with 3 usb 2.0 and 2 firewire, and santa cruz turtle beach sound card. My video card is a radeon 9700pro, thanks for the help i am going to try it now

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