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    oops bodged dual boot ...can anyone help?

    Installed RH7.1 on a clean system with two (small - 1st is 4gb, 2nd is 2gb) hd. Left the 1st HD blank and installed RH on 2nd - all fine - least that's what I think i did as I can't quite remember.
    Problem is that I had to suddenly get a PC ready with W98 for a user so just whacked it on as didn't have time to read up on dual booting.
    Now I would like to get my system to dual boot without re-installing.
    If I boot with a linux boot disk, I can get to the partitioning bit and see that my first HD (hda)has a DOS partition with my linux native and swap on the 2nd HD (hdb). I thought that I could add a boot partition onto hda and job done but not sure how to do that without re-installing. Can anyone offer any pointers?

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    You'll have to install either LILO or GRUB to the MBR of the first hd. If you're not able to use the RH cd, go to this link and download the GRUB boot image the the rawrite program and make a GRUB boot disk in Windows. Then do the following:

    root (hd1,0)  (or whatever your boot partition is)
    kernel /vmlinuz-version root=/dev/hdb2 (or whatever your root partition is)

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    Technically, you should also be able to use the rescue option of your RH CD. Boot from it and type "linux rescue" at the boot prompt. Then, if it detects your installation and mounts it in /mnt/sysimage, run this commands to restore LILO:
    chroot /mnt/sysimage /sbin/lilo

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    Thanks to you both, I used the 2nd method (seemed easier!) and it worked a treat.
    Thanks again

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