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    HPT372 on mandrake 9.2 = kernel panic ( init failed )

    I am finally finishing the race, I can feel myself at the finish line, I am at the last step towards using linux =) I don't feel like going through my whole process here as I am currently writing a readme to guide other users through the process but I need some help myself to finish it. I have a highpiont rocketraid 133 dubbed HPT372 my version is HPT372A I wanted to install mandrake 9.2 onto my raid 0 array which consists of 2 maxtor 160gb hard drive in an 8mb cache. I downloaded the open source highpoint drivers on my other mandrake 9.2 machine, compiled them, and put them on an ext2 formatted floppy. Then I loaded up mandrake cd 1 in my server machine, hit f1 then booted with
    text exper hde=noprobe hdf=noprobe hdg=noprobe hdh=noprobe
    then when I selected my keyboard langauge I did an alt+f2 to get a shell script and did these commands :
    insmod floppy
    mount -t /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy
    insmod /mnt/floppy/hpt37x2.o
    Drivers were loaded and my disk was reconized as 1 305 gb disk =). I then partitioned correctly and did all the other good stuff. At the end of the installation is when I got stuck, before rebooting I got another shell and did the following :
    mkinitrd --with=hpt37x2.o raid
    and it said mkinitrd command not reconized, just for kicks i did
    and again I got command not reconized, so I said what the hell and I rebooted (bad mistake) Upon reboot lilo sucessfully loaded, I selected linux, and then after freeing up 136k I got a kernel panic :
    init failed
    So my question is what should I do ? I know I have to somehow make it so that lilo loads the highpoint drivers before install, and at the same time does not use the default drivers. So I need lilo to do this :
    hde=noprobe hdf=noprobe hdg=noprobe hdh=noprobe
    then I need it to load the hpt37x2.o which is in my floppy. What I need from someone is help to get this to work, is there anyway I should copy my highpoint driver to the hard drive from the floppy right after installation ? And exactly how should I edit the lilo.conf please keep in mind I am a total noob so I will need step by step directions, ie telling me open up the lilo.conf in vi and make it boot your raid array would not be helpful because I don't know where the lilo.conf is, don't know how to edit anything in vi, and don't how to make lilo boot my raid device. Also I now realize I will have to reinstall mandrake 9.2 which is fine by me. I would also like to escpecially thank this board for helping me help myself, and I hope in this thread I could get some replies, thank you.

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    I dont think u will have to reinstall it, shoudl be able to add the module into ur current installation.

    first thing i would do is copy the hpt...o file into /lib/modules/kernelversion/kernel

    put in ur mdk cd. and load up a console. (f1 at option screen, then type rescue, then selct console)

    now run lsparts to show which partitions u installed mdk onto.

    run: mkdir /real
    mount /dev/hda1 /real <----replace hda1 with wherever ur / partition is
    cp /mnt/floppy/hpt-37..whatever.o /real/lib/modules/2.4.??whatever/kernel/
    chroot /real

    now u should be able to do mkinitrd --with whatever and that will probably fix it.

    reboot after removing the cd and tell us how it goes.

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