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    SImple question on changin install

    I am probably over thinking this a bit. I currently have a laptop set up to dual boot with Win XP and Mandriva, and everything seems to work OK with the exception of a sound card. After reading up a bit I found that the fedora core would be better suited for some of the programs I want to run, music creation, MIDI etc. and it may help with my sound card issue. The question is how do I change the core? Do I just install the Fedora core over the Mandriva? Do I have to wipe the partition out and start fresh? I hate to change the partition because the computer is dual booting perfectly. Would I have to change the boot loader,LILO??? If that is the case I may live with the distro I have. I am a bit squimish about messing with the boot loader. That is why I went with the Mandriva distrubution to start with it was very easy to set up.

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    Yes, just install Fedora right over Mandriva using the same partitions. Fedora will give you the option to use them. Fedora uses GRUB, so that will overwrite your LILO setup, unless you tell it not to do so. If it were me, I'd go with GRUB.

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    What you'd have to do is launch from FC's installation media and tell it to format the Mandriva partition and install there. You don't have to create new partitions or anything.

    You will however have to replace the bootloader with whatever FC uses, I think it is GRUB. Just tell it to install to the MBR of the hard drive and that is all there is to it. If you want to keep the present bootloader and install FC, you will have to create a new partition for Fedora, then edit the bootloader's config file in Mandriva to add Fedora to the list....

    If you are scared, just take a backup of your system, then try the installation.
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