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Thread: external modems

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    external modems

    After buying my external modem today and trying for most of the afternoon to set it up I think I've discovered what the problem is and am looking to see if someone can verify this before I go and exchange it. I bought a modem that connects into a USB port and it can not be auto detected after asking many people for advice and searching many internet sites I've come to the conclusion that your external dial up modem must connect into a serial port and not a USB port. Can anyone verify this for me so I know wether or not I need to exchange this modem in the morning.

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    If I may I'm going to answer my own question I'm posting it here incase anyone else has the same problem I have but today after work I went and exchanged the USB modem for a serial modem and it has auto detected it just fine haven't used it to connect to the net on Linux yet (am currently using another computer in the house with another modem) but it looks like it configured and stuff. So in my experience you need to get a serial modem and not a USB modem as I initially did.
    Just posting it here in case anyone else requires it.

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    You just saved yourself a lot of hassle. Serial port modems are the way to go with Linux. You can install internal PCI hardware OR even software modems, but I would wait till you either:
    1. Acquire more experience
    2. Decide to investigate masochism

    one or two more tips:

    AOL is not linux friendly. ( There is a special dialer called pengaol now penggy, but I could not get it to work and I have not read of anyone else who could.)

    Use Kppp or wvdialer to configure
    set port to ttsy0
    don't set connection speed too high - about 3.5-4.2 kb/s is reasonable dwnload speed.

    good luck

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    Best Data serial port modems work very well, very few USB modems work, allvantage. com is an very Linux friendly dial up ISP @ 5.95 a month.
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    always problems with usb.. i had a drama with a usb dsl connection and cured it by using eth0. usb can be configured but usb modems are not always supported.. you did answer your own question there with exchanging for serial modem.. again dont go for internal as very few are supported and even less are fully supported...

    dsl using eth0 is the ducks guts tho...

    as for isp's you can get anyone of them fooled....

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