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    Sorry, I thought you wanted to see why your HD was apparently only showing one partition. If you want to resize a partition, you could use Knoppix and qtparted.

    Looking for a distro? Look here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bryansmith
    For packages, look into netpkg. borromini will be able to better explain it as he/she is the avid Zenwalk user here.

    What does the output of (as root):
    fdisk -l
    give you?

    Hehe .

    If you see only 5.9 GB I think you didn't partition your complete harddrive. There are lots of extra apps available on the online repository (you can use netpkg to check, as bryansmith pointed out already). Do # netpkg [programname] to check for it . It it returns the prompt without finding anything, that means we don't have a package with that name; but we have lots of capable people so if you need a package and don't find it, just ask for it .

    Also - dependency checking is optional; if you are new to linux I would recommend you leave it on.

    Btw bryansmith - I'm a he :P.

    Anyway - Zenwalk doesn't come loaded with lots of apps out-of-the-box indeed. That has been a deliberate choice from the devs. I think more distro's should do that. It's one of the reasons why I stay with Zenwalk. The aim is to provide the best GTK2+ app around, while using as few dependencies as possible.

    If you decide you want to throw KDE on, it is available via netpkg too. Fluxbox can be installed from netpkg also, and E17 binaries are on our repository also... For Gnome some of the third party projects are good (Freerock, Gware). Enjoy!
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    I guess I'm just not ready yet not to be led by the hand. I fought with the distro for some time last night, had cd mount problems by the handful, harddrive space issues and no sound. I ended up shaking my fist at the machine, and realising it wasn't going to respond to threats of a physical nature, I reinstalled the more noob-friendly Mandriva 2005.

    My first foray into the realms of having to think for myself and I didn't get very far I'm going to serve a bit more of my apprenticeship with Mandriva before taking on any more.

    thankful as ever

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