I am curious to know if anyone has used these devices for any other usage beyond content networking. At its base, the ACNS software is Linux. But from what I have been able to gather is it is modified to interact with the flash memory. From what I was told, when installing the ACNS software, the device will install a cookie on to the hard drive which is required for the OS to load.

I have a CE-560 that I have thought about messing around with. I took out the original drives and put in some older 18GBs and did an emergency recover of the software using the latest ver. But, I have had no luck working with Samba to create a share (network attatched storage?). The command line is also limited to just the Cisco feature commands (so I guess know yum-ing for me).

The reason I just thought of this is I was thinking how nice it would be to run FreeNAS instead of the *(@# ACNS which I will NEVER have a use for.