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    MD5SUM questions

    ok so i took your advice and downloaded mandrake 9.2.
    my question now is how do i use MD5SUM to know if the iso
    files weren't corrupted during the downloading?

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    I guess you're using WIndoze, right? If that is the case, go to to download a program that calculates MD5 sums for Windoze.

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    i downloaded the md5sum.exe from .
    when i open it, it does nothing but opening and closing a window.
    do you think there is something wrong?

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    There isn't anything wrong. md5sum is a command line application that takes the files you give it and calculates MD5 sums. For easy access put it in C:\Windows. Next, get to the windows command line. I believe it is under Start > Accessories. Or you could click Start, Run, and in the box type command for windows 98/ME, or cmd.exe for NT/2000/XP. This should give a prompt waiting for commands. Type cd <path to files> to change the directory to the files you want to test. Example: cd C:\downloads\. Then type md5sum.exe <file> to check a file. Compare that to the MD5 sums given to you with the download to validate the file. The smallest change should change the result drastically.

    Good luck with the command line, it is a skill that makes Linux a lot more usefull.

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    that is strange. i opened the windows command line and the path was
    c:\my documents. i tried to change the path by entering
    the cd d:\linux ,where the iso's files are, command but the path wasn't
    changed, although it didn't say that the command was wrong.

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    windoze for some reason doesnt let u change partitions and directories in 1 command.
    cd \
    cd downloads
    note there is not cd when changing partitions. dont ask me why but its the only way it works.

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    alright, it works fine. thank you a lot

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