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    Dual Booting Problems with windows 98 and Ubuntu Linux

    One of my friends call me on the weekend. It seems that he installed linux in his computer, with windows 98 on its too. After the installation, everytime the grub comes on and asks him for each OS he want to go into there seem to be a problem.

    If he wants to go to the linux OS, it would started up properly and then it would show a cursor and it would blink and then it would stop blinking, it would stay like that a line in the top left hand cornor of the screen.

    If he were to go to Windows 98 OS, it would go to a screen where the first line would be starting windows 98 and then it would ask him to

    He insert his start-up disk, but it has no use.

    Below is some addition info:

    Total Hard drive size 20 GB
    Windows 98 partition 15 gb
    LInux partition 4.GB
    LInux swap partition 256 mb
    RAM 128 RAM
    Processor intel 550 mhz

    What he want is both linux and windows to work. Or if that isn't possible he want windows to work without formatting.

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    your friend may need to re-install the os, windows included. This is how i would do it.

    first remove the Linux partition and swap. This can be done with most partition software, however I would recommend Vcom Partition commander, because you can install it in another computer and create a bootable floppy or CD from it, which you can use in the computer that is giving problems.

    after Linux is removed reinstall windows, DO NOT format the Windows partition if your friend has anything he does not want to lose.

    at this point you would have windows installed and less than 5GB of free space. You can install linux at this point.

    additional advice - You might want to give Linux some more space, if possible 10GB. If Ubuntu does not work out try another other distro, and while you are at it take a look at this site.

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    Hey, I'm the friend that Lordmorg is talking about. I was just wondering how do i delete the partition? Do I do it from MS-Dos. IF so how is it done.

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    Use any live cd like Mepis that has Qtparted on it. It is a very easy program to use.

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    or you can use this - Vcom Partition commander boot CD

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    Talking quick fix..

    just to get windows booting staright away.
    load in bootable floppy with fdisk on it. ...
    from the prompt type fdisk/mbr
    this will rewrite the main boot record and allow windows to boot up...
    as for recovering the old partition you may require linux to boot up on cd and go thru install till you reach partitioning.. use expert and delete all linux partitions then make them fat32.. this may cause a headache but if you make it fat32 and use / as partition lable then it will write to partition table..
    hard reboot computer and f8 at boot and go into c:\windows\command (i think from memory)
    then run fdisk
    repartition again with fdisk as linux fat32 is a bit hard for winflaws to understand..
    next reformat.. there are some programmes that may allow you to enlarge the primary to the original size but i haven't done that before so your on your own there..
    fat32 is quite versatile so it could be possible to repartition but the formatting is a problem so who knows..
    but what i told should recover your system even tho you will end up with 2 partitions and you don't have to reload "windows"..
    good luck..

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