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    redhat 9 problem, wrong video card selection?

    Hello There

    Firstly, I know absolutely nothing about linux, or redhat!

    However, I have decided to ditch windows and goto red hat.

    I have installed red hat under a virtual pc program within my windows xp system, I have a to learn the system first before I make the step and this is an easy way of having 2 systems running without constant reboots.

    However, I have a problem on boot..... everything reports ok during startup, until what I assume is the first login screen trys to appear, it unfortunately looks like i have selected the wrong video card, I can just make out what appear to be buttons, and from the documentation I beleive this to be the initial login / setup screen. After further inspection, it happens directly after running firstboot: , i can press ctrl alt f1 to get a comsole, but no commands are accepted.. do i have to type something here?

    I wonder if I selected the wrong video card for the emulated pc in my virtual pc system? If I have I would like to know how I would reconfigure the system , as I really would like to reavoid a reinstallation

    Or if you recognise this to be another problem?

    Any help greatly apprecaited.

    dave wheeler

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    what you'll need to do is run the xf86config program, as the root user, from within a console session (ie. press Ctrl Alt F1 or F2 or F3..., then enter "root" as the user and then the root password). It's text based.

    If, all you want to do is have a plkay around with Linux, before making the step away from Uncle Bill's stuff, then try out one of the standalone distros (such as Suse or Knopix). These boot straight from your CD drive and, apart from a couple of files put on your C: drive, they do NOT effect windows in any way (although they are a bit slow as they're having to read stuff off the CD all the time). These are a great way to learn Linux, before making the jump.

    Also, if it's available where you are, the magazine Linux Format has some useful "migration" tips in it (if you can't get hold of a copy, I'll send you a scan of the pages).

    have fun


    Use Suse 10.1 and occasionally play with Kubuntu
    Also have Windows 98SE and BeOS

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