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    can't make drive bootable

    Until this morning my computer had two drives: drive 1 was a win98 partition, while drive 2 is a suse 8.2 install. Drive 1 up and croaked and although it'll still identify itself to the system it now makes horrible grinding noises when it attempts a read operation.

    Okay, so no problem - I'll just remove drive 1 and toss it (it's just for games, anyway) and make drive 2 - my linux drive - bootable. Or so I think.

    Using the suse install disk for 'repair' it says drive 2 has tons of problems, all due to the fact that drive 2's partitions used to be hdf's and are now hde's. The yast utility refuses to make a new master boot record on drive 2, dying in mid-process; manually attempting to install lilo to the MBR of disk 2 gives me nothing but a "DISK ERROR" message when I boot. Good christ, where the hell is the linux version of 'fixmbr', I ask?

    Going into the suse rescue mode and manually writing out a new lilo.conf and fstab file seem to do nothing, because both files up and disappear without a trace as soon as I reboot, as do their backups (mounted ro in rescue, perhaps? Then why does vi allow me to save the files in the first place?).

    Anyhow, if I reattach drive 1 everything flies along just peachy with no errors, because the partitions on drive 2 are once again hdfs and not hdes. No problems of any kind, the whole repair sequence goes off without a hitch. However, I *still* can't write lilo into the MBR of disk 2 because it insists that since disk 1 is now attached it has to go there instead.

    I've been scouring the web for various ways to install lilo to the MBR, or to tell freakin' linux to stop changing my disk 2 from hdf to hde when I remove the mostly-defunct disk 1. Nothing, so far, has worked and I'm at my wits end. Anyone have a clue how to solve this one?


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    have a look at Nerderello's howto,might help
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    Quote Originally Posted by deltaflyer
    have a look at Nerderello's howto,might help
    Thanks, that allowed me to replace lilo with grub and manually reboot, but it still refuses to actually use grub as the permanent bootloader (disk error message when trying to boot straight from the hard drive). Right now I have to:

    - start up using my suse 9.0 install disk
    - choose to install, then boot from the hard drive
    - now I get a grub prompt, and from here I can manually reboot the system (e.g., root (hd0,0), kernel (hd0,0)/vmlinuz, initrd (hd0,0)/initrd, boot)

    Everything works fine from this point, except that it bloody well insists that grub can't be written to the MBR of disk 2 because disk 1 still exists. And I can't remove disk 1 because then all of my partitions change from hdfs to hdes and nothing will work at all.

    I'll play with it some more and see what happens, but kudos for pointing me in the right direction - manually booting is better than no booting at all.


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