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    Installing Linux on brand new system with 2 HD

    Hi there.

    As I'm a newbie to Linux and also to, I have a couple of questions to ask.

    I have just bought a brand new Dell system with Win XP which i bought with 2 separate hard disks (160GB and 80GB), both s-ata. I first started the pc up last night, and went into windows. There, these two hard disks are presented as C: and D:

    I presume C: is the primary master and D: is primary slave (C: has windows and everything on it, D: has nothing right now) - can I check this in the BIOS?

    I'd like to install fedora 4 on D: At the moment, it is basically one big (74.4GB) NTFS partition. Will the FC4 installer reformat it as a linux partition? I'll probably have to install GRUB on the MBR on my 1st hard disk, won't I?

    Thanks a lot for any help

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    you could install it onto the second hard disk. FC4 will require a different file system other than ntfs, so you will need to format the drive / partitions but the installer will help you with that.

    And also, you will probably want to put grub the bootloader on the windows disk...but dont worry, you will still be able to boot to windows.

    If that sounds really bad, you could use a boot floppy with grub on it, but its a pain if you loose the floppy or it gets corrupted etc...not ideal.

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    Exclamation grub or lilo who knows whats better..

    you can use lilo instead of grub.. I'm pretty sure that federor has lilo as well..
    some like one others (like me) prefer lilo..
    both will install to the mbr and boot either system..
    linux can't write to a nt files system and winflaws can't see a linux file system so after you load linux, winflaws won't see that drive again while you have a non winflaws file system on it..
    have lots of linux fun bye..

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