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    newbie HELP please, no web, or ftp (but i do have an IP)????

    Just recently installed Redhat 9.0 and i'm using x windows (GNOME). Install went great had a little problem with video card compatibility but I worked that out.
    I'm running my linux box and a windows pc, back and forth on a kvm I really can't copy and paste my output of "cat /proc/pci", etc. but here are the things I can tell you. I do have an IP address of . I also noticed when I'm up at school with the linux machine, I can access all the files and printers available on the network. The Ethernet Controller is listed as : Intel Corp. 82557/8/9 [Ethernet Pro 100] (rev . What I can't seem to get to work in linux is any web browser (Mozilla), or any p2p, ftp, http, or any messaging programs such as GAIM. Oh yeah, not sure if this helps any troubleshooting, but I have the ethernet card connected into a Linksys Wireless-g router, instead of directly into my DSL modem.
    I figure i'm just missing a key element here or something. ANY help would be great, I'd love to get this machine up and running fully.
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    Lets deal with one thing at a time. Basically you can not access the internet?

    The IP you quote is a once assigned by the router (via DHCP at this stage I am presuming)

    Does the internet work fine with Windows?

    Can you ping you router? (From the doc I read on your router it should have IP address of, try and ping that address)

    You need to read some of the Docs on your router. (It may aslo be the case you need to reboot your machines in specified order as per router doc.) Let me know where you get with that initially.

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    Yes, first try to access the machines on your LAN. With ping,nslookup and ssh if possible. If that workes and you can access the internet from your ms-box it should work from your linuxbox also.

    Verify that you can ping your default gateway which should be your router.

    Verify with the route command that default gateway entry is to your router.


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    What kind of modem do you have? Did you set the router and modem up yourself? If so, is the router or the modem acting as the DHCP? The Westell Modem that is given out by Bellsouth has built-in DHCP, pretty cool. Is your Windows PC wireless? I take from your post that the linux machine isn't.


    Another thing, if you have a router, you might need to designate your linux box as you machine that recieves all incoming packets, linksys calls this your DMZ. It should be under the settings page for your modem which might be at unless you changed it or they changed the standard. You might try to designate an IP address to your linux machine just to keep it the same. On my network my router is and my linux machine is just to simplify things. The rest of the computers start at and count up accordingly. Just a thought.

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