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    Boot question / problem...

    Hi guys new to Linux here...I have 2 HDs intalled on my pc.
    Specs are:

    AMD 64-bit 3500+
    Corsair XMS 2GB
    XFX Geforce 7800GT
    Creative Audigy ZS
    WD 250 SATA II
    Maxtor 30GB IDE

    I currently have Windows XP Home Edition installed on WD hd and have other files in it. I just recently installed Linux on the 30GB IDE drive. My problem is how come I dont get the option to dual boot ? It just goes right to windows everytime I restart. How can I set this up so I can choose which OS to boot to?

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    the answer is

    you didn't install bootloader (grub or lilo) to the MBR . Re-install linux and do it right.

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    I did, On my first install I tried LILO and it still the same thing...I just did a second fresh installation and used GRUB this time and still the same thing..

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    ok just did some experiment and confused with outcomes...

    first, I unplugged the hard drive that contained Windows XP (WD SATAII) and Redhat Linux 9 loaded up.

    second, I plugged it back and then linux automatically loaded up without asking me which OS i wanted to boot to. ( System detected the SATAII HD btw)

    third, I unplugged the drive that has linux (Maxtor IDE Hard Drive) and it booted windows normally as I assumed.

    fourth, I plugged all the drives back and got windows to boot up without asking me which OS to boot. (System detected Maxtor IDE Hard Drive)

    Does it matter if the SATA II that windows is on is running NTFS file system, even though I have linux on a completely separate physical drive thats running its own file system???

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    Anyone got a hunch? such a weird problem.

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    Sounds like you need to install lilo on the other hard drive. Alternatively you can use smart boot manager or your bios to choose which disk to boot from.

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    In your bios you will have an option to choose the boot order. Choose the IDE drive to be the first one.

    Then in grub add this:
    rootnoverify (hd1,0)
    chainloader +1
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    Thanx guys, I just went to the bios and changed the boot order then re-installed linux. Only one problem now, I cant find drivers for my mobo built in NIC card...grr

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    What nic do you have?
    Which version of Linux are you using.
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    Im using Redhat Linux 9 and the built in NIC is Nvidia Nforce Networking Controller in my Abit KN8 Sli Mobo. And Also I cant find a linux driver for my XFX Geforce 7800GT PCIe...I tried using the Nvidia Geforce option but no luck.

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