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    adding swap partition

    ok, correct me before i do something stupid and lose anything on my disks. i've read like a number of how-tos about this but i'd rather be safe than sorry...

    so i plan to add another swap partition as i only have about 133mb of it, and my physical memory is 256mb. i got 2 HDD, both are old and total 10GB++. i have windoze occupying one entire disk of 3.2GB in total size. my Linux sits on the 7.5GB disk, which currently has 3 partitions: one partition is 3.5GB large and is a vfat fs format i use to share files for both OSs. the rest of the drive is Linux and the 133 swap partition. my windoze disk is 82% full. my linux partition is 77% full. while vfat is only half full, and i can free up more space in it.

    but from what i've read, they say it's better to place another swap partition, or the entire swap partition, on a separate drive. since i need to add swap on the same disk, i thought this would slow things down. but i'm limited on disk space so i can't really do much about it, not until i can buy a new 80Gb drive (hehehe). i just need more swap for now.. .

    where's my question here?

    anyway, to add a new swap partition how-tos say one can't mount partitions and swap has to be turned off. one way of doing this is to go to rescue mode. then i use utilities like parted or fdisk to allocate space for swap. blah3x... you know the rest...

    so aren't parted &/or fdisk destructive partitioning utils? i can't use these since i got data on both my disks. so i plan to use a non-destructive partitioning tool instead. can you suggest some in linux? i think i used a DOS-based tool when i installed my linux months ago. or maybe i am confusing fdisk for the fdisk in MS-DOS which is destructive, and i am not familiar with parted?

    p.s. nevermind why my swap is an odd 133! :P
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    what u need to do is resize 1 or more of the partitions and then create a swap aprtition in the blank space.

    im pretty sure cfdisk and a few other programs can resize partitions.

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    i guess so. parted can resize, i've just read. yep, that's what i had in mind. but i was asking for a good, non-destructive partition tool other than the ones i mentioned in the orig post just to be sure. anway i did "resize" the 7.5GB HDD, and added 2 more partitions - one for the OS, the other for swap. but as i was saying, i used a DOS partition tool for this. now i'm doing this in linux, i don't wanna use MS stuff if i can do it in linux. hehe...

    thanks dude!

    i think i'll just get my swap space/partition from my win drive. i don't use it that much anyway. not anymore. it's been lying dormant for months now.
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