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    Kubuntu - configure: error: no acceptable cc found in $PATH

    I just recently installed KUBUNTU (breezy) abd i want to install more games and programs. I went to for some game and program .tars (tar.tar tar.bz2 tar.gz). After i downloaded them i burned them to a cd.

    When i got the cd home i copied all the tars to /home/keith/desktop/installs

    While trying to figure out how to install them i extracted them all to /home/keith/desktop/sorces/(individual sub folders)

    In a previos post (when i was using gentoo) somebody taught me how to use ./configure , make , make install

    So after messing around i found the terminal and opened it on the folder FreeReign-0.2.1
    so it looked like this: keith@ubuntu:~/desktop/sorces/freereign-0.2.1 $./configure
    loading cache ./configure.cache
    --FreeReign version 0.2.1
    checking whether make sets (s or $?){MAKE} ... no
    checking for gcc ... no
    checking got cc ... no
    configure: error: no acceptable cc found in $PATH

    and this happens to all my packages, even when i try to update my kdebase, or install kdetoys....

    what do i do?!... am i trying to use the wrong install command for my distro?

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    sudo apt-get install gcc

    should sort it out.

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    Have the same problem but when i use apt-get it tells me " Couldn't find package gcc ".

    What should i do ? :S

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    Welcome to the forums, FrostSteiger!

    You should probably start your own thread describing your problem(s) because this thread is almost 2 years old and not likey to be answered by either of the above posters.

    Sorry for any inconvenience...

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