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    Suggestions on dual boot (Suse+WindowsXP)-How to?

    I am thinking of installing Suse 10 Eval 64 on my laptop. This is how my laptop is currently configured:
    Drive 1
    C: - 10GB - Windows XP
    D: - 45GB - Data

    I would like to re-size D: to 30GB and create another 15GB logical partition for Suse.

    First, should I have the Linux partiton be before or after the Windows partition on D i.e should Linux be the 2nd or 3rd partion on the drive?

    Second, if I install Grub, will it automatically recognize that C: is my Windows OS and add that to the boot menu?

    Third, can I install Linux to just a blank space or partition, or does it need to be a whole drive? From what I remember from the last time I install Suse, in the partitoning I dont remember seeing where I could just use the free space of a drive.

    Lastly, would it be better if I just installed Linux on another USB attached drive?

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    sbn, I assume you'd have a wireless card on the laptop and would want to use it right? If so, not a lot of wireless cards are supported in 64-bit mode as no drivers have been released for it.

    1. For creating the partitions, no need to create a logical partition, just select the Advanced Partitioner option in Yast and manually resize the D: drive creating necessary partitions for linux. As for where the partition appears, it doesn't matter

    2. yes, SUSE will realize that the C: drive is your windows drive and create a necessary entry for it.

    3. You can install to any partition. Just be sure to tell it which partition is / and you should be fine.

    4. That is upto you. If you are uncomfortable about touching windows data and your computer can boot from USB, then there is no reason why you can't install to it. When creating the partitions again go through the advanced mode and the usb drive should appear as /dev/sda.
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