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    The best way to install MPlayer is with the source. I'll admit it took a while to figure out but now that I know how I found that it runs best when compiled from source. When I had a redhat system I used the mplayer rpms for a day and found that they played video slower on my system than the compiled version. Compiling MPlayer isnt that hard its just configuring it aftward thats a little bit of hell. Anyway I suggest compiling Mplayer from source.

    But if you install with RPM's and everything runs great just ignore what I just said
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    Yes, compiling from source is a good idea for many reasons. Not the least is that you get all the CPU- and architecture-dependent optimizations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bignester
    then you go inside the new directory and here is the series of commands in order.

    bash:~$ ./configure
    bash:~$ make
    What do i have to do with these commands?? (redhat...)

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    Don't forget about YUM: I use it to install packages on my RedHat machines.

    Then yum install package

    I believe that's the syntax.

    Good luck!

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    To install from source code follow these steps:

    1. Download the src from heer: and save it in your home directory for example: /home/thomasd1/src/MPlayer-1.0pre3.tar.bz2

    3. In a terminal window (xterm,aterm,konsole,eterm) type the following:

    cd /home/thomasd1/src/

    This will move your location to /home/thomasd1/src/ (where you saved the mplayer source code) Now that you are there you can type the following to extract it:

    tar -xvjf MPlayer-1.0pre3.tar.bz2

    Now in /home/thomasd1/src/ you will have the directory MPlayer-1.0pre3 which contains the extracted source code. So cd to that directory:

    cd MPlayer-1.0pre3

    Now all that remains is to build and install the source with the following commands:

    configure && make

    Note: The configure and make commands can take some time to run.
    Because mplayer and most other programs keep important files in non home directorys (like /usr and /etc) this last step needs to be run as "super user" or "root" so type:

    su (and press return. Enter password when prompted).

    Now the final step of installing the compiled files

    make install

    When this command has finnished running you should be able to start mplayer from the command line like this:

    mplayer -fs /home/thomasd1/movies/myfilm.mpeg

    (Note that all commands are case sensitive!)

    If the compile/install process failed then you probably dont have all the dependancies installed (gtk for example - if you want the gui). In that case you should check the mplayer website for information on what dependencies it needs. (Redhat Linux will probably have most if not all of these in rpm format on the cd's).

    Good Luck

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