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    j2re and limewire install problem

    hello everyone..... linux n00b here.
    Im sorry if this isnt posted in the correct area but for the past 2 weeks i have been reading the forums trying to find a somewhat simple and detailed instructions (step by step preferably) on how to install j2re so i can install limewire. everything that i have seen is like japanese to me lol. i have gone to the java webiste but the self extracting RPM file does absolutely nothing, so i cannot get limewire to install. i have also tried to use wine to get the windows version to run but that doesnt work either and i cant accessit after i started using it to run the windows version of opera since 8.52 doesnt work. anyways if someone could please help me to get J2re installed ( in lamens terms please) and limewire i would greatly appreciate it thanks in advance.

    -still trying to break away completely from that darn windows virus lol

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    Been a while since I done this.....

    Download the self-extracting *rpm.bin file.

    chmod a+x <name of file>

    ./<name of file>

    This should throw up a user-agreement you need to agree to. Once agreed, a new rpm file will be created so now you need to install it.

    Su to root and execute this command:

    rpm -ivh <name of file>

    You should be good to go. Install Limewire.

    To note: all the above commands need to be issued within the directory that the j2re/limewire downloads are in.

    If you search this site, there are other suggestions eg to *force* the install with no dependencies but I reckon you're better following the above.

    Any problems, post back.

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    Correct me if i'm wrong - usually am so no worries - but that link is for JRE, as opposed to j2re, hence the link outlining instructions on how to link it to Mozilla (which is unnecessary with j2re as its used by Limewire) ?

    Thought I'd share my thoughts.

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