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    grub does not load

    I need help,

    Im having bootloader problems, I have just installed fedora core 4 it is a dual boot system on two separate SATA drives hda(with windows xp pro) and hdb with fedora. After the install when I reboot the bootloader does not come up and it boots straight into win XP. Iam able to enter as root using the linux rescue and looked at my grub.conf this is what it contains without comments:


    title fedora core
    kernel (version)
    module /vmlinuz
    module /initrd

    title win XP
    chainloader +1

    any recommendations would greatly be appreciated

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    sounds like the bit of grub that lives on the master boot record (mbr) is not being pointed to by your bios.

    Either change your bios to point at (I'm guessing) your hdb drive, or (bvetter) install grub onto the mbr of your hda drive.

    There are plenty of posts (and a tutorial) on how to do this.


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    Sounds like your experiencing similar issues to what I'm going through

    Can you select HDD boot priority in BIOS? If GRUB will not install on hda/your MBR, you can just select (hda) to boot first... Not an ideal solution though, sorry.

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    Question windows won't start

    ok now that I finally got fedora to start everything is cool,except that grub will not load windows. When grub tries to start windows I get this on the screen.

    rootnoverify (hd1,0)
    chainloader +1

    Could i be getting that message because i once installed grub on that hd MBR and never removed it? if so how can i remove grub from that hd MBR?

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    make your grub conf look like this :

    title win XP
    chainloader +1

    It will probably view windows as well in the bootloader.

    good luck,


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