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    Can Linux be a good OS for personal/home use?

    I'am sick of windows, I want to know if Linux can replace my windows system for tasks such as e-mail, web browsing, listening mp3, writting reports, chatting over the internet.

    Thank you

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    It can do all that plus some. I have only used linux for the past 5-6 years and I can do anything windows can do except play some games(linux is getting lot more support for gaming now). OpenOffice is a replacement of ms office and I personally like it a lot more plus it can edit any ms office document.

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    It can do it much better than Windows, too. My friend has a 120MHz computer running Windows, and when playing MP3s on it, it is _slow_. It's hardly possible to do anything else on it at the same time. He also has a 75 MHz computer running Linux, which plays MP3s flawlessly at the same time as it does several other things.
    As for sending mails, I'd say that kmail beats any email program that Microsoft has written. If you want something more outlook-like, there is also evolution, which features a calender and everything else that outlook offers.
    As for all usual applications, you can be almost certain to find a Linux counterpart that works just as good, if not better. Games can be harder, but as genlee says it's getting much, much better.

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    yeah i switched both of my machine over to linux (dualbooted so other ppl in my family can play games). the specs on them are 1: (p2 233, 32 ram, 2mb vid, 4gig HDD), 2k6-2 550, 64 ram, 8mb vid, 40gig HDD) and im sure that the slower one does anythign quicker in linux than the fast 1 does in windows.

    Then i got my new machine (athlon 1800 (oc'ed to 2000 spec), 512 DDR, 128mb vid, 60gig HDD) and even with that much power to play with, windoze still seems only marginally quicker than what was my fast system in linux.

    I would definately say stick linux on ur home machines. The only time i use windows is when i want to play games, which all seem to be finished in about 3 days

    on a side note it looks really cool when u have liek 1000 mp3's on a linux box runnign thru ur stereo at parties. People never beleive that those nice full screen visuals can be runnign on such a "slow" comp.

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