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    Red Hat 9 install bombs at the very end - Help!

    Please bear with me, I am a noob and I am trying to set up a small server to learn Linux and use as a pre-production server for web development.

    I have an old barebones box that I wanted to load Red Hat 9 onto. So I did the research on compatible hardware. My CPU is a K6-2 333Mhz, and my video card is an ATI Rage 128, and I have 256M ram and 20G HD and a generic 52X CDROM. No NIC (yet), no Modem, nothing extra. All of these items are on the RH compatibility chart.

    I set my BIOS to boot from CD.

    I am using a Publishers version of RH9 on CD included with a book. When I fire up my PC it reads the CD and asks which type of install procedure, text or graphics. I chose graphics.

    I seem to get all the way through the install questions to the point where it is loading files and I see the bargraph showing progress.

    However, at the very end I get a fatal error stating that I am: "Trying to install on a machine that is not compatible."

    As far as I could tell, I thought I was compatible. Are there any suggestions that may help me out of the starting block? Thank you in advance.


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    First thing would be to check the HCL for Redhat 9.

    If you have a specific piece of hardware that isn't listed, ask here and see if anyone else has the same and can help...
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    maybe theres something wrong with that publisher's edition?
    I'm not sure if RH still offers a download of RH9 off their website, but Im sure they do here
    You can give it a try if you've got the bandwidth

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    With me, it was the video card. You get absolutely NO clues, as to what the problem is. I had to go with a basic 8 MB vid card. It could not run with my GEForce 4.

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    Improper hardware graphics card detection during install is not uncommon along with the card being on the list of supported cards but still not work at all or very well.

    To determine if this is your issue attempt a install with a generic card driver that's just under what your card is capable of or lower.

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