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    Help w/ MBR Problem

    Hi all, i get following message when i boot my computer.
    L 80 80 80 80 80 80... ...and so on
    I googled and found out that it's something wrong w/ my MBR
    I'we used Linux for 3 days and cannot fix my MBR (master boot record)
    I use Slax 5, a Slackware with KDE 3.4. I have installed it w/ hte full install on my hd.
    i got 2 other HD (NTFS formatted, onw w/ my old crashed Windows XP)
    My Slax installation worked fine for 5-6 boots but now everything that happens is that the error message comes up. My hd is intact I think 'couse i can use the files on it now when I have booted w/ Slax live cd.

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    Is the hdd a scsi drive?
    are u running raid?
    what did you do just b4 it stopped booting?
    the L 80 80 80....... is usualy due to bad geometry
    L 80 means that LILO loaded the boot sector, but a disk not ready error
    prevented it from finding the second stage boot loader (/boot/boot.b)
    did you try booting off a live cd and doing a
    to reinstall to the mbr?

    EDIT: thread mirrored to installation forum
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    thx for the help, I did dowload and install Slackware 10.2 instead. So now i got a complete Linux install

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