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    millenum matrox g550 3d support?

    Hi my brother has the card in the topic i was wondering if it has any 3d support under linux. he uses it because it has dule head. that leads me nicely onto my next question which is: the matrox card came with an tft to crt monitor connector (allowing a crt monitor to be plugged into the other port (tft port) on his graphics card) I have a sparkle geforce 4 ti 4600 with the same two ports on the back.. one crt monitor socket and what i beleive to be a tft socket.. i cant find an addaptor to fit anywhere i dont even know what it would be called.. can somone point me in the right direction?



    edit: my brother now says it is a dvi or rgb port...

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    yep, its written on the side on my vid card box as a dvi plug. My local computer store has the converting things listed as dvi->crt adaptors. they only cost liek $10-15 NZ so they shoudl eb really cheap wherever u are.

    i foudn this page which probably has a driver

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    When I ordered my nVidia card from an online store, it, too, shipped with one DVI and one CRT connector, but no DVI->CRT converter. I just mailed them, though, and asked about it, and they immediately sent me one. No questions asked, no money paid. I thought that was really nice of them. Maybe you should try?

    Btw., an RGB connector is not the same as a CRT connector. A CRT connector is the usual 3x5 HD D-SUB connected that most monitors have, while what is commonly referred to as a "RGB connector" is when you have five coax connectors that you connect individually - three for the red, green and blue signals, two for the hsync and vsync pulses.


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