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    you always get some cds for testing the distro. e.g from redhat you get 3cds but the original has about 6 or 7 cds.
    U know what i mean?

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    i just tried gentoo from
    it's just a live-version, or did i downloaded somehing else?
    i need a linux-system to install on an hd

    p.s maybe i'm to tired to find an install option on gentoo

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    the install instructions are on the Live-CD... there is no installer... you do it all from the command line in a chroot environment.. then you reboot and install all the extra software you want after the base system is installed.. for the latest install instructions, look on if you follow the instructions exactly, it's not hard to install...

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    The extra CDs that you get with RedHat are primarily the SRPMS CDs, which you can download but noone does (since only very few people actually want the source code for the entire system), and the documenation CD, which admittedly you don't get, but on the other hand all the documentation on it is available on

    As for SuSE, from what I've heard it's true that they don't put up the latest version on their FTP in order to try and get people to buy it instead. However, they put up all older versions, and it still is free, so if you buy it, there's nothing keeping you from putting it up on another FTP yourself and letting people download it.

    Gentoo is equally free, except they don't give any CD images at all apart from the LiveCD. They put up everything on the internet instead.

    Apart from very special versions such as RH Enterprise Linux, which contain extra proprietary stuff (such as Oracle), there are only a very few distributions that aren't fully free. In fact, it's very hard to create a Linux distro that isn't fully free, since the GPL prevents that.
    All hail the GPL! (/me kneels in front of his Stallman shrine)

    As for Gentoo, like I said, everything that you download manually is the LiveCD. The LiveCD system downloads everything else as part of the installation procedure.

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    i'm downloading the 7 cds from debian and then try it afew month. i hope i get my ATI running on it correctly.

    bix thx for all posts !!
    make install not love

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