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    new kernel without monitor

    Hi again!

    I compiled a new kernel once, i think it was 2.4.21, and the system booted and i could login but my monitor stayed blank, meaning i had no messages or pictures. i had the standard vesa driver for my graphicscard and standard module for the monitor, too. i was not out of the monitor's range.
    can anybody help??

    thx in advance!!

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    2.4.21 is pretty old now, i think 2.4.24 is the latest 24x kernel and 2.6.1 the newest 26x one. was that login into a graphical thign or a terminal.

    if its graphical then try pressign ctrl+alt+f1

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    no, i couldn't see anything
    but i could login as root and do a reboot "blindly"

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    i woudl try a newer kernel if thats what caused u problems.

    in my /etc/lilo.conf file, each entry has this line

    except a coupel have

    both work fien for me as i guess they are the defaults.

    try putting a line like that into whatever bootlader u use.

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    i already tried that
    but nothing changes

    i'll try the 2.6 kernelin some days
    make install not love

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