i am trying out linux for the first time, fedore core 5. my first problem is that i can only install it though text mode, my vid card is not detected and if i use graphics mode then it will crash with a white screen.

but through text mode i can get to the partitioning screen

-Remove all Linux partitions and create a default layout
-Use the free space on selected drives

these 2 options give me the error "could not allocate requested partitions,partitioning failed:could not allocate partitions"

-Create a custom layout
when i do this, i am only able to create one partition no matter what order i do it in

i am only trying to do a / and swap
i get the same error as above when i try to do this

but i do have 17gigs of space set aside for this so i dont see what the problem is

then i just went ahead and made no swap and during installation it told me that there was not enough space on the disk to copy the image, but there was plenty of space...