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    Quote Originally Posted by CopperTop
    If you are starting again, don't forget the wealth of info you can find with a quick search...


    No, what I want is to deactivate the Linux partitions

    Then I could boot straight in Windows

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    Just use cfdisk, fdisk, partition magic etc to do that..

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    Hi, Yeah
    I did that

    But grub still loads on bootup even when I uninstalled RH9!!

    Help me please

  4. $spacer_open
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    Try the fixmbr utility at the XP cd..

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    Yeah, it works now

    What I'm going to do is actually build a new box and attach it to my network so, I suppose it would be easier to do that.

    I'll tell you when it is fixed

    Edit: Doh! Can't run XP cd

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    Then grab a win9x floppy and run "fdisk /mbr"
    (More than one way to skin a cat!)

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    OK. I'll try that now

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    Sorry for bump.

    I did the mbr thing

    What do I do to get XP on?

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    Hmm. that should have done it. You can do a re-install on XP, without formating the drive, and not lose anything.

    Have you tried F8 at boot, and go in on safe mode or command prompt? I know XP has the "fix mbr" command, but can't remember where they put it

    2 Ant chance XP is running in FAT32, you could browse the drive from a 98 boot (dir fix mbr /s)

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