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    Linux drivers...

    I just finished RedHat Linux 8..everything works fine, but I want to adjust a few things and I have no clue how. First of all, I wanna get the actual nvidia drivers for my video card rather than go with the generic ones. I went to, but they have a couple versions to choose from just for linux. Should I download the IA32 version, or the AMD64 version (I'm running an Athlon)? I'm guessing IA32, but just wanna be sure =). Also, how do you go about installing drivers in Linux? Just want a overview, cuz I don't want to screw things up. Any suggestions/explanations appreciated!

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    Installing drivers differ a bit from driver to driver. Most of the time, you'll have to reconfigure related programs to actually use your new drivers (in this case the X server). To most drivers, there comes a file called README which describes how to install and configure the drivers. To the nVidia drivers, there is a PDF file that you can download from the same place on nVidia's site where you get the drivers, which explains it all in great detail.
    You should absolutely not download the AMD64 version, since that's for AMD's 64-bit architecture (the Athlon is most certainly not 64-bit).

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