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    Slow boot time and performance


    I am a Linux newbie. I installed both Debian and Lindows packages, but they
    are both very slow in boot time and in system performance. For example,
    Lindows took exactly 3 minutes to boot. Debian is slightly faster, but
    Windows boots in average 30 seconds on my system. Applications take quite
    a long time to launch. And, when I display the images, they are very slow
    in rendering. I did not use Swap partition. I have 512MB RAM, 2Ghz P4 CPU,
    5200 RPM hard disk and 32 MB ATI Rage128.

    I just want to install the XWindows to test the performance. With Debian,
    I have the options. Although I selected only the XWindow, it still installed
    400MB data. It added compilers so forth. I did not use the dselect option
    since it was a bit messy. Is there any package that I can just install the
    Xwindows without the applications? Since I am not familiar with Linux
    too much, I would prefer a CD bootable ISO package.


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    i am not an expert but i recommend you to use swap space,
    There are many services start at boot time.
    Deselect services which you dont need.

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    Try recompiling your kernel that can help Debian still uses version 2.2.20 and stock kernels are known for bloat, What i normally do when installing Debian is dont add any programs or use dselect then you will have a minumum install which is about 100Mb and just apt-get what u need.

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    OK, thanks.

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