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    "Segmentation fault" when booting. Lilo, Mandrake

    Ok, so I have two hard drives, one is 80GB and the other is 40. I have Linux on the bigger one, (which is also master) and Windows ME on the smaller one (slave, obviously.)

    I have had Mandrake 9.1 for a while now, and it has worked fine (Windows has booted fine too), but one day, when I was configuring my desktop, the whole thing crashed and nothing worked anymore. So I rebooted, and when I chose Linux from Lilo, it showed me a message that was something like this (found this from Google, somebody else had the same problem - I didn't remember it exactly :P No answer, homewer):

    INIT: version 2.84 booting
    /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit: line 44: 21 Segmentation fault grep -q quiet
    Setting default font (lat0-16): /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit: line 97: 30
    Segmentation fault grep -q '^LIBSAFE=yes$' /etc/sysconfig/system
    Booting, please wait...

    And that's it, Linux doesn't boot. So, where's the problem? I probably could use the rescue thingy of the installation cd to correct this, but the problem is, that I'm still pretty newbie with Linux and don't know how to do that :P I've tried to install the bootloader again, didn't work.


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    I'm sorry to say so, but it's either a hardware fault, or you've been cracked. If it's a hardware fault, it can probably be detected by the software at If you've been cracked, the easiest solution is probably to reinstall the system.

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