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    fedora core install

    Hi everyone, i am hoping you can offer me some advice.

    I have a relatively old machine
    - Asus a7n8x-deluxe mobo
    - 1.25 GB ram
    - athalon xp 2000+
    - ati radeon 9550

    i am wanting to dual boot fedora core and xp. I plan to buy 2 new HDD's 1 for each OS. So;

    does fedora core support SATA HDD's?
    does fedora core 5 only support 64 bit systems, or does it work fine on a 32 bit?
    I have a 3rd drive that i will use as a data drive, can i format this as ntfs and access it in both xp and fedora or do i have to format it as FAT32?

    for any help you can offer


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    Fedora has versions for '64' and '32.' Yes, you can install Xp on one drive and Fedora on the other. Install Xp first, then Fedora second. I know nothing about sata though. On that third HD, I'd make half of it NTFS and the other half fat32. Fat32 will be handy for moving files to and from both Xp and Fedora. Linux can 'read' NTFS but writing to it is not advisable as you can corrupt data. Then, when in Xp, you can move files from fat32 to and from your NTFS. For long term storage, NTFS is the way to go over fat32. Large data transfers to and from Fat32 can in some cases lead to sudden and irreversible data loss. I've experienced this first hand.
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