I have a notebook (hp dv1540us) with WinXP preinstalled and Intel processor. It has 2 partitions with 100GB HDD with 92.95 GB NTFS. This is C:\ and Win XP is installed here. Another 204 MB has an application called QuicklPlay. This allows one to play music and watch CD with XP in hibernating mode. So it is on a separate partition.
I want to have 3 more partitions. One having Linux, one for Solaris 10 and one for data. I will format it with NTFS or FAT32, whichever Linux can mount robustly. The remaining Quickplay partion will be kept.
I want GRUB in the MBR, not NT Loader.
Can you give me a step by step guide for doing this. Like which OS (Solaris or Linux) should be installed first. And which version of GRUB should I use so that Solaris 10 works also. I saw Cheetahman's Triboot guide. But since it does not specify about Solaris 10, I just want to know if anyone has done triboot with Solaris10. Also I have one doubt. Why is knoppix required. Will GRUB not cme with a bootable Linux or Solaris distro?
Thanks and regards