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    changing gcc version


    I am trying to install the nvidia driver and when the installer is trying to compile the kernel module it complains about that the kernel is compiled with gcc 3.4 and am using gcc 4.0.

    I have also installed gcc 3.4, but it seems I have to set a variable so the installer uses 3.4 insted of the newer...

    My question is how i do this?

    I am using kubuntu 5.10 and have tried to install with adept, but I dont get the nvidia splash screen on start up so I am guessing that does not work either...

    please help a linux beginner

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    I've never use kubuntu or any derivitive of it but in gentoo you can issue the

    gcc-config -l
    this lists the versions of gcc you have installed with [number] ex. [1]

    then you pick what version you want to use with

    gcc-config 1       (or whatever number corresponds to the version you want)
    Though you might want to try to get a kernel compiled with your version of gcc or just compile one yourself. But if that sounds like to much work then you can probably just switch the gcc version your kernel is compiled with--install nvidia--and switch back.
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    gcc-config only resulted in unkown command

    but editing the xorg.conf solved my problem, had forgotten to do that after I installed the driver throu adept, doh

    sorry for the unnecessary question

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