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    Installing Linux on a Single Hard Drive that is half full

    Hi! This is my first post . . .

    I'm an MS Aero Engineering student who is switching to Linux to run Computational Fluid Dynamics. For the time being, I will have to do this on my existing windows machine until this summer, when I build my own crazy fast box. Anyways, my hard drive is about half full and I want to install Fedora Core 5 as a second OS. I don't really want to purchase a second HD as I am just going to get a whole new computer this summer. So, my question is, can I do this without losing data on the current drive? Fedora seems to be suggesting I can in the installation guide, but I am not sure. What do you guys think?

    "The installation process erases any existing Linux partitions on the selected drives, and replaces them with the default set of partitions for Fedora Core. All other types of partitions remain unchanged. For example, partitions used by Microsoft Windows, and system recovery partitions created by the computer manufacturer, are both left intact. You may choose an alternative from the drop-down list:

    Use free space on selected drives and create default layout
    If the selected drives have capacity that has not been assigned to a partition, this option installs Fedora Core into the free space. This ensures that no existing partition is modified by the installation process."

    Does that mean I can just install Core 5 without losing my windows or my data? I've searched the web and haven't come up with anything other than ads for third party partition software. Thanks in advance,


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    probably not unless when you installed windows you create more than one partition and you only have data on one of those partitions. So in windows terms if you have a c: drive and a e: drive. Where e: is either empty or you have enough room on c: to transfer the data over to. Most likely you just have one giant partition or c: drive. There is a utility called partition magic that you can use in windows but I've never personally used it and there is always the possiblility of data corruption with this kind of process.

    You could always back up your important data to a cd/dvd and then reinstall windows making sure you leave enough room to make a subsequent linux install. So basically you would create a c: drive that is half the space of your entire harddrive and then leave the rest blank and that is where linux would reside.

    welcome to the forums and I hope this was somewhat helpful.

    FYI you can find some really cheep harddrives these days this might end up just being easier then the steps mentioned above.
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