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    "I am king of the hill now!" Says Windows...

    I just got done re-installing XP, and now it has claimed boot priviledges. I have no clue where to even start to try and get the comp to bring up grub/lilo, and my computer has now become unusable (the Windows installation DEMANDED a CD with SP2 on it...which I don't have. So, now I'm stuck 3/4 of the way through XP installation, and have no option to boot into Linux... ) Anyone care to help?

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    Windows is most easily installed as the first OS on your hard drive, then Linux after that. It's just easier since Windows has no option to boot Linux like Linux does with Lilo and Grub to boot Windows. There is a way to install Windows secondly, but I'm unfamiliar with the process of how Lilo or Grub is installed after that to make booting both possible. I'd think a "Google" would locate a wealth of information.
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    Grab a live cd of some sorts and run grub-install
    Edit the grub config heavily.
    And that should be it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewB
    Grab a live cd of some sorts and run grub-install
    Edit the grub config heavily.
    And that should be it.
    Close. The full process is this:

    1. Boot up off your linux rescue CD or a live CD.

    2. Create a /mnt/system directory (or use one that was already there)

    3. Mount up your / partition onto /mnt/system. If you have a seperate boot partition, mount that afterwards onto /mnt/system/boot.

    4. chroot to your new system, use 'chroot /mnt/system'

    5. If you've installed windows, you may have to edit your boot config (grub.conf or lilo.conf) to include an entry for the other os. This is unlikely to be necessary if you've re-installed windows in the same place it was before.

    6. If you're running grub, execute 'grub-install <main_disk_partition> (could be /dev/hda, it often is). Or, if you're running LILO, then just run the 'lilo' tool.

    7. Reboot, and remove the rescue/live cd from the drive before it boots up from it again.
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    Good idea roxxoff
    I was thinking more repair cd/live cd kinda way. But that is extra easy!

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    For even more details, check out the last post (ozar's one) on this thread:
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