hi ppl,

i have a PCTel HSP 56 Micromodem....n a dial up network connection

i've suse distro 10.0 n my kernel version is 2.6......
i'm unable to configure my modem in linux for the net...

i downloaded the modem driver followed the procedure given in linux.com n there came jus one error "Missin file modversions.h : configure ur kernel first"

i looked up for some trouble shootin help n well i tried installing the linux kernel source rpm that didnt work , tried doing a make dep , that didnt work, then tried the uglyhack of creating a modversions.h file, that created more errors while doing the make command, where in certain variables r undeclared n so on..

so ultimately i still havent got the end result which is i know not the only thing that matters, but then it does MATTER..

i ud really appreciate if anyone ud help me out with this prob