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    My optical mouse won't work with Linux

    I've tried several different distros, so this doesn't seem to be specific to one flavor of Linux. I have a PS/2 optical mouse that says 97986 rev 2 WK1305, and has a fancy H on the bottom. It works fine with Windows XP and PC BSD (just the installation part, I couldn't install that). My ball PS/2 mouse works fine with Linux.

    The specific problem I have is when I move the mouse, it just heads for the upper right corner of the screen. The buttons seem to work OK. Linux seems to shut off the light in the mouse.

    If therre's no hope of getting this to work, can someone give a link to buy a good cheap Linux compatable mouse?

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    Use the ps/2 and open your xorg.conf or XF86Config which is in /etc/X11. Don't know which distro you are using so it might be XF86Config-4. Likely its /etc/X11/xorg.conf. Open it with your favourite editor, find and copy the section about your mouse or pointer and paste it here. It might just be a simple misconfiguration problem. Can't promise I can solve this for you but seeing your xorg.conf/XF86Config will be a good place to start looking for clues as to what the problem might be.
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