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    Major problem..partitioning/dual boot gone horribly wrong

    ok..i have windows XP with a 100GB HD. I ordered a livedvd version of suse linux 10. i have a 3.5gb section on my HD dedicated to the restore function for windows xp, and i was partitioning the other 85GB or so into 35GB windows, and the rest for linux. well, while it was going to work doing its thing, my power went out..of course, everything went wrong. i wouldnt go farther than the windows XP screen before it flashed a blue screen for a very short split second and restarts. i tried using the restore option, but when i try to do a non-destructive restore, but it wont let me. it says reformat only. well this isnt really an option considering i have 15GB of important files and a dialup connection. well, i received my dvd today with suse on it, started it up, all that jazz, and i try to go into my files thru linux, but it says dev/hda1 is not accessable in "etc/....". Is there ANYTHING i can do to save my precious files?

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    I don't have a great answer but it looks like the only way you could save those files would be from windows somehow. I when the power went out the partition table was being written then you probably don't even have a filesystem there. I would call microsoft or look for windows help on some kind of mirace restore.

    sorry not the best advice but unless someone knows of a great program t o do this you might be out of luck.
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    If you have a Windows install disk(not a recovery disk) you should be able to use it to fix your Windows installation.
    Boot up with the XP disk, go through the steps like you are going to do a fresh install install.
    You will recieve the option to upgrade your system.
    This will replace the system files and such, while leaving your personal data intact.

    Very important, do not select the repair option.
    I do not know about others, but every time I have seen this used, my only recourse was to reinstall Windows., losing all of the personal data.
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    no, i dont have an installation cd that came with this computer..i have looked into programs that boot from a cd but for some reason when i insert them to try to boot from them it never works..ive gotten a few programs to boot from my usb drive but none were what i was looking for. i guess my only choice is to reboot. anyone know of a file recovery software that can undelete after a format? and that i could obtain for free? and one last question... i have a livedvd version of linux so i can boot directly from cd, is it possible that i could copy this to my hard drive somehow so i could dual boot windows or linux when i wanted? because running from a dvd, there is no way to write any information or run many programs because i cannot save.

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    I've had a similar problem some while ago... this is what i did:
    I went to a friend of mine with my busted hard disk, inserted it into his computer, installed getdataback, copied my precious files onto his hard, repartitioned my disk, then reinstalled windows and copied my files back from him. This whole thing took almost a day, but it worked. The only problem is, that getdataback is not free... obtaining it for free... well, i don't want to give you any ideas but i haven't heard of a data recovering tool that would be legally free...
    Good luck

    p.s. trying to reinstall windows with a bad partition table will almost certainly overwrite some of your data... so be careful with that.

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