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    MBR 1FA: ??? Not sure how to work with this.

    Hello there, I'd like to share you a story of my problem.

    Here's how it happened in short:
    I was installing linux onto my iPod and accidentally wrote the boot record of the ipod (hda) to my master drive (sda). It was a slip of the finger, I knew what I was doing, I just wasn't paying enough attention when it was critical that I did.

    I recently went out and bought the very amazing book called Knoppix Hacks, and I tried two hacks in the book related to my problem:
    Hack #54. Kill and Resurrect the Master Boot Record and Hack #52. Repair Grub.

    I've also tried other various methods I've found on the internet.

    When this problem had first started, I was returned an error somewhat like this:
    Something something, Insert boot disk and press enter.

    I don't know what I did to "sort of fix it", but it now returns:
    MBR 1FA:

    Anyone got any ideas, I'd like to be able to get an operating system on here that is actually physically on the hard drive...

    Thank you very much.

    P.S. I'd also like to mention that I only plan to use one distribution of linux on this machine, and that's it.

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    This isn't a big deal, provided you dont want any of the information on the PC. The boot sector not only records the bootup mechanism for the computer, it also holds the hard disk partition table. Get your knoppix disk out and zero the boot sector using dd, and start again.

    If you install a Linux distro from a downloaded DVD or CD you should have no problems, and it should install Grub or LILO (depending on the distro) correctly, and will allow you to re-partition the drive the way you want it.
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