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    So many people saying get rid of linux. I am thinking it is really an idiot.

    Please help me in this issue... Any one please.

    So many people saying get rid of linux. I am thinking it is really an idiot.

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    tuck in your CD#1 goto /cdrom/fedora/RPMS/
    on command console
    #rpm -Uvh kernel-2.6.15-1.xxxx.i586.rpm

    that should install the new kernel in /boot and with necessary ammendments in grub.conf.

    Nexttime, when u boot the splash screen will ask you to select the kernel. select the kernel with no-smp in the name...

    if you are having problems even reaching the command prompt.. then post here..
    I ll try to get back to you, inshallah..


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    I had the same problem, after 24 hours experience with Linux I can see why some people give it a wide berth. Anyway the short answer to installing the nonsmp kernel as the smp kernel seems to be broken is:

    While installing Fedora Core 5 CD 1 copy the nonsmp kernel to the hard disk, the wait for the install to finish and the reboot button to appear, switch to the terminal session and install the new kernel, then change to grub config file to select the new kernel as the default one.

    The expanded way so it is all shown so you do not have to spend endless hours trying to find out how to do it from a bunch of gurus that do not write down the exact way of doing it is because it is easier to recompile the kernel on another server you do not have, boot from live cds and the like:

    Boot Fedora Core 5 from CD 1, wait until the install is installing the packages from the first disk.

    Press Ctl Alt F2, you should see the # prompt.

    At this prompt type uname -a to get the architecture, it should be i586 or i686.

    Then mkdir /tmp/sysimage/newkernel
    find /tmp/source -name "kernel*" -print

    locate the name of the kernel that matches the architecture either i586 or 686, it will be the one that has no xen, smp or the like designators.

    use cp to copy this kernel to /mnt/sysimage/newkernel

    then type cd / to make sure you do not stop the cd unmounting.

    press alt F7 to get back to the graphical console.

    What for the install to finish and the reboot box to appear, do not press the reboot box just yet.

    Use CTRL ALT F2 to get back to the text console and run the following commands

    cd /tmp/sysimage/newkernel
    rpm --root /tmp/sysimage -Uvh <name of kernel>

    then cd /mnt/sysimage/boot and edit grub.conf and make the default line equal to the kernel you want, it will usually show 1 and you need to make it 0 to boot the first non smp kernel.

    Go back to the graphical console using ALT F7 and press the reboot button.

    It should come up with the right kernel, if it does not the press a key to get the grub menu and choose the correct one.

    A lot less work the rebuilding the kernel.

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