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    ubuntu installation

    Just making sure of everything...I have one hard drive. I hae the boot disk for ubuntu 5.10, and everything should be on there correct? I pop in the cd, it will load ubuntu. Follow the onscreen instructions and it will partition the space FOR ME. So, i dont have to worry about partitioning. And i hear if you partition you lose everything on your computer. So how do i make a back up. and if i do lose everything then wouldnt i lose the installation of windows?????? so therefore i would have to reinstall windows. Anyways the boot disk has the GRUB i believe its called. Which allows me to choose which i would like to boot up (xp or ubuntu) correct??? and i should be good to go from there? right?


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    I have never tried to dual boot ubuntu but it should be the same as for Fedora ( that is what I use)
    I have never had any problems with installing Linux on an existing windows box.
    You will need to have free space on your hard drive. That is space not used by windows
    When you install linux you will be given the option to wipe out everything or to use free space. Choose to install on free space and accept suggested partition scheme.

    From there on basically follow the bouncing ball.

    Make sure you do a backup just in case and in the event of a complete reinstall make sure you install WIndows first.

    I am on a journey to mastering Linux and I got a bloody long way to go!!!

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    all right...thanks...everything sounds good

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