I would have Debian 3.1 r2 on my old Armada 1750, but every time that I try to install debian with command "Linux26 vga=771" it runs until the second phase, after the reset without cd, it give me a verbose list of command executed but when arrive to the synapics I have "synaptics reset failed" ... a second message "synaptics reset failed" ... and nothig ... all is blocked !

The only way to have Debian3.1 r2 is installing with command "linux vga=771" so I have kernel 2.4 and not 2.6 !!! But it's strange, in fact, if I try to install ubuntu 5.10 ... it works fine and I can have kernel 2.6 installed !!! but I want Debian 3.1 and not ubuntu 5.10, ubuntu is fantastic but it's too heavy for my old pc ...

Second question, why I must put vga=771 to have linux installation ?, without this command the installation blocks the pc !!! Why ?, so I have not 1024x768 resolution !!!

Any suggest ?