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    welcome to the fun world of Linux.

    It can be a pain in the behind at times, but I think you'll find it enjoyable in the end.

    Now that you've got it working, you may like to start learning a bit about the command line interface (the text stuff in terminals or by pressing Ctrl Alt F1 and Ctrl Alt F7 to get back to the GUI). There is some good stuff on this in the tutorial part of this site.

    and remember
    Have fun

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    I have been working with some of the command line options in order to get more familiar with them. It will be a slow process, but I will get there eventually.

    Below are two items where I really made my mistakes. Hopefully someone will learn from them, and won't make the same ones I did.

    • Cable Select - setting each drive to the necessary master/slave configuration. Having these hard set actually gave me my first boot. However upon reboot the Grub loader.

      BIOS Configuration - Realizing that I had to set mine to boot from CD-ROM I had some other setting wrong. Windows is a lil more forgiving on h ow you have your boot priority set. Linux however is not. Make sure that you have Floppy, HDD0, HDD1, and other device. Otherwise Linux will not see things correctly. Having HDD1 and HDD0 swapped in bios caused linux to see my second hard drive as hd0 vs. hd1. This is what was ultimately causing GRUB to load to the GRUB> prompt.

    Overall this was a very good learning experience. I came out with a better understanding of how Linux boots, and handles boot order. Something Microsoft just kind walks around and does how it wants to.

    Now my next steps are getting all the hardware working that I want.

    Thanks again to Nerderello and Dolda for all the help.


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