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    So here's my challenge.

    Hello to you all.

    I have a fairly interesting challenge i'm trying to defeat.
    And i'm no software expert, so please bear with me while i tell my tale....

    I'm on a mac laptop with fink running alongside osx 10.3.9. (I won't be going the Tiger route, as the gnome gui for fink is cracking along at a rate of knots, and i'm not interested in Steve Job's widgets. Computer runs a lot better in fink than it ever did in mac.)

    My old pc got a nasty mbr virus, that caned pretty well everything.
    c drive (mbr i guess) keeps loading the nasty bug and killing off any com, sys, or exe files, including the anti virus stuff i'm trying to load. (All in Dos. Windows got wiped, and will stay that way now Bill and Steve are best mates, and so in love.)

    This nasty virus also killed the ability to access the cdrom, as , you guessed it, the cd sys files get nailed on bootup. (Can't get rid of the command, io, or config, files in mbr, as they're locked, and won't delete. So much for virex.7. And, it seems, every time i boot up, the virus jumps into memory and watches, cackling like a mother in law, safe in the knowledge i can't get at it because i'm not smart enough with ones and zeros.
    (I admire you people who are.)

    So, the hd is now out of the pc, and 'cleansed' with all but the wet flounder as an external hd attached by usb to the mac. But i STILL can't dump the nasty little sod from the mbr, as mac's disk utility won't wipe that.

    Time and again, and this hd's been scrubbed and formatted more times than a debutante on her first date, those three files just won't go away.

    So, and i say this enthusiastically and with the smile and determination that comes with a lack of understanding or knowledge, i'd like to replace the mbr virus laden files with grub, on an external hd currently attached to the mac, but due to go in a pc.

    Can anyone help with this?

    Here's what i got.

    Mac g4 laptop 10.3.9/fink x11 hybrid running a gnome gui (I like pictures)
    External hd in the usb enclosure attached to the laptop.

    Pentium 2 PC lying dead. (I know, i know, but it was gift from an enthusiastic blonde, and i want to use it as my linux learning machine.)
    No Cd access at this stage, although i suspect once i crush the bug, that will return.
    Virex 7 in mac. (About as useful as a drunken chauvinist at a lesbian sewing class.)

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    p.s. I've dumped all the floppies, as the virus will infect the mbr floppy equivalent of each every one of them. I know, i've used a box already.

    I've also got to partition the hd, and not sure whether to do it from the mac disk utility, or wait until it goes back in the pc. I'd REALLY like to kill off the dos partition completely and sever ANY association with bill, but i don't know if this is possible.


    Full time and busy writer and mainly classical composer.
    Learning more about linux and its potential,
    Classy, elegant women, with great legs and the inability to press delete.

    And a new and happy linux user.

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    Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but most hard drive manufacturers come with a utility disk (or you could download the utilities from there website) that will allow you to boot from the floppy and do a low-level format to the drive.

    I would think that would completely cleanse the entire harddrive as it basically writes 0's to the entire drive, which can take a while if the drive is large.

    Then, with the clean drive, you will have what you started with when you first bought the drive...

    Then you can reformat/configure the drive to your machine and start over again.
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    Zeros to disk.

    Deek, thanks for the sharp reply.

    I tried the zeros trick in disk utility (mac) but it would only clean the disk up to, and excluding the last 16mb, where, you guessed it, the mbr is. It would not clean the entire disk, even though it states this is being done.

    Thanks anyway,


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    have you tried using the ultimatebootcd? There are a host of useful utilities for people who like breaking/fixing (you decide ) computers
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    Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, the motherboard packed up this morning,the discussion's become acedemic, and so it's new stuff, and pristine install. I've downloaded the UBCD anyway, and i appreciate you pointing it out. Plenty of tools to be had.

    Now which distro shall i get?
    hmmmm....................So many to choose from....................



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