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    plz save my hard-disk's life

    i am writing the lette to ask ur huge help for resuming my hard disk after unsuccessful installing Red Hat 9.0.

    i was installing red hat 9.0 in my laptop tonight, but some guy suddenly switched off power so that the procedure of installation was fored stopping, then i could not restart lap anymore,except the screen display as following:

    / **

    CRUB version0.93 (634k lower/ 522176k uppper memory)

    [Minimal BASH-like line editiong is supported. For the first word, TAB lists possible command completions. Anywhere else TAB lists the possible completions of a device /filename.]



    i could not restart into windown OS as well, and there are lots of important document in harddisk, i don't have any idea to deal with it, could you spread some light on that.

    i m looking forward to hearing your message. thanks in advace.

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    That is the same thing that i am getting while trying to dual boot my system at home.

    Not sure that I can be much help at this point in time. However, once I get it fixed I will let you know what I did.

    One thing that you can do. In the event that this is a dual boot system with some flaor of windows you can try to fix the MBR. I know with winxp you boot to a CD for repair and do FIXMBR if I remember the entire command.

    That should put windows back in the MBR and allow you to boot to Windows.

    Not sure if that is the case with your system though


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    thanks Grim .

    the problem i don't have Micro boot disk except a recovery CD form laptop , but that will destory all file in harddisk, which drive me on wall.

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    if the redhat installation was interrupted, you can just restart the installation.. the prompt you're getting is the GRUB prompt.. GRUB stands for GRand Unified Bootloader.. it is the program that starts the OS on your system.. if you boot from the redhat CD again, you won't see that message, can continue the install, and get it setup properly.. if you just want to load windows from the GRUB prompt, type these commands:
    chainloader +1
    that *should* boot your Windows partition if it's on the first partition of the first HDD like Windows likes to be...
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    cherrs , i m trying.

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    it seems working perfectly . thank u indeed.

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    Another simple fix for this:
    Boot up using a win 98 startup floppy and type
    fdisk /mbr
    This will remove the grub loader from your hd and allow you to start the way things were before.

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