I'm trying to install elive at the moment, i'd post screenshots if only I knew how to capture images, it seems to not have that option as of right now, so i'll try my best to describe my problem with text...

So, i'm using e16 right now for stability, and it runs fine from my cdrom. Made me wander how well it would run off my hard drive with it installed. So, I choose the "Elive Installer" from the (taskbar?) at the bottom, and i'm not for sure if I have a SATA hard disk, so I select cancle.

The next screen looks to be a partition manager of some sort. I have already set aside a small ammount of space for the OS from a windows based manager, and made sure it was for linux.

So now I find the drive I want to use, which is my windows F drive/media drive... I made 6gig of it a linux-swap partition, and its located at dev/hbd3. So I have located the area I want to use, I dont know what GParted's main purpose is, but I found the label of the partition that I want to use, so I exit it to continue installation.

However, on the next screen that pops up, I have the options to choose the partition where I want to install Elive... my options are as follows:


Nowhere is there an option for the dev/hbd3 that I want to use.

So, can someone tell me how to get this wonderfull thing to work for me?

(sorry for the double post... I think this forum is more appropiate?)